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28 Years Of Experience Behind The Wheels

JOSHICO Driving Institute Reg. By RTO

“Handle Any Road. Handle Any Car”

Safe driving on today’s roads seeks higher level confidence and competence than ever before. In present situation of traffic everyone knows how tough driving is! The reasons for it are manifold bad roads, poor traffic sense, untrained drivers and exponentially increasing number of vehicles.

So always there is need to drive vehicles safely.

For more than 28 years JOSHICO has operated a fully integrated system of driving institute in Kota region. With more than 15 dedicated and passionate professionals no other any driving institute delivers the same high quality instruction, equipment facility and most important memorable experience. Due to the swash bulking guideline of Mr. Joshi our Driving Institute is the best institute in Kota Region. Mr. Joshi is still considered the man to beat and the master of maximum car control. Our purpose is to impart better driving skill as well as awareness towards overall road safety.

Learner driver don’t have to go through the problem of crashing a motorcar. Beginners and those already driving car can learn right here how to become a responsible and safe motorist. Driving education doesn’t have to be dull and boring here. For learner JOSHICO Driving Institute is definitely the right path to move towards a safer future.